Regenexx Seminars

Dr. Leiber Provides International Treatment in the Cayman Islands

With Florida being just a quick, direct flight away, Dr. James Leiber is one of Regenexx Cayman’s most frequent visiting physicians. Dr. Leiber travels to Cayman monthly to provide treatment for international patients over the weekend. As the medical director for two busy clinical practices in Tampa Bay, and Interventional Orthopedic Foundation program director for U.S. training, as well...

Healthcare Options for Self-Insured Companies

Regenexx As A Healthcare Option For Self-Insured Companies

The ability for self-funded companies to add value-based healthcare options to their benefits package through direct contracting is fundamentally transforming how healthcare is accessed and delivered in corporate America. The Regenexx Corporate Program is a direct contracting option that provides an interventional step in the traditional care continuum. This approach offers employees an added...

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