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Dr. Leiber Provides International Treatment in the Cayman Islands

With Florida being just a quick, direct flight away, Dr. James Leiber is one of Regenexx Cayman’s most frequent visiting physicians. Dr. Leiber travels to Cayman monthly to provide treatment for international patients over the weekend. As the medical director for two busy clinical practices in Tampa Bay, and Interventional Orthopedic Foundation program director for U.S. training, as well...

Stem Cell

Consensus Statement by Physicians, Academics, and Regulatory Experts on the Aggressive Marketing of Non-viable Birth Tissues as Live “Stem Cell” Products to Cure Chronic Disease

Background: As practicing physicians, scientists, and regulatory experts we have increasingly observed aggressive advertising and sales tactics being used by alternative health clinics (chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists) as well as physicians and mid-level providers to market “stem cell” treatments derived from birth tissues. One example is full-page print ads in major newspapers used to...

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