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How to Tell Legal Stem Cell Orthopedic Treatments from Scams

As you may have seen in the news, certain stem cell therapy providers and suppliers are under extra scrutiny from the FDA this week—and rightfully so. Clinics allegedly injected patients with bacterially infected amniotic stem cell material and made patients very sick. Unfortunate as that is, the media skimmed over the even bigger story.

Those clinics were injecting material that likely contained NO living stem cells in procedures NOT approved by the FDA. In contrast, the Regenexx procedures our physicians provide are permitted by the FDA. They use your body’s own living stem cells, along with precise placement, to give the best chance for a successful outcome. Regenexx physicians have performed more than 75,000 procedures nationwide and generated nearly half of the medical literature on orthopedic stem cell and platelet procedures and outcomes. We believe in what we do and we get want to make sure all patients have reliable information. To learn more, check out New Data on Amniotic and Cord Stem Cell Products: This is Still a Scam, by Dr. Centeno of Regenexx.

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